Thursday, January 06, 2005

of hair starting to fall out

called mum last night to ask her about sis' condition. then she told me her hair was starting to fall out due to chemo. she sounded ok but mum being mum always sounding tough on the ooutside but inside no one knows. i think she is scared but won't show it. who wouldn't be scared! a colleague told me her aunt shaved her head so she can wear her wig and not need to wait till all her hair fall. maybe mum should do the same instead of waiting and watching what will happen. i think it would be rather depressing to watch your own hair falling out, in clumps. think i'll call her tonight and ask her if she would rather shave her head.

of being darn busy

Have't really gotten use to blogging. Haven't much time to blog in the first place. Definitely not gonna blog after office hours so might as well do it during! Sis is gonna deliver anytime now. Went to the clinic last night but was a false alarm. Called her this morning, told me that she was getting contractions but were still irregular. Anyway, very excited for her. Hope it'll be a short labour unlike her first one.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

of pacifiers

So ugly! But quite unique leh.... Where to get one?